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How to take care of the lingerie - an ABC guide to a woman's dresser'

How to take care of the lingerie - an ABC guide to a woman's dresser' 22 June 2014

Lingerie, both daily classic and erotic for special occasions, is an extremely important part of every woman's wardrobe. We instinctively choose delicate tulle, lace or silk fabrics. If we decide to purchase the item, it is very important to remember how to take proper care of it so that we could enjoy it as long as possible.

 Below are some useful tips to help you take proper care of your lingerie:

- ALWAYS follow the manufacturer's maintenance instructions.Ideally, wash your lingerie by hand at a maximum of 40 degrees and use a mild washing detergent. Only the cotton underwear, including soft cotton bras without underwire, can be machine-washed at higher temperatures remember to rinse your lingerie thoroughly to remove any remaining detergent from the fabric, prevent its stiffness and get rid of a nasty smell
   - ALWAYS place the machine-washed lingerie in special mesh bags to prevent damage to the delicate fabrics like lace. Do not tumble dry! For laundry mesh bags plese bookmark Extra Accessories
   - dry your lingerie outdoors or ensure good air-flow
   - padded and underwire bras should be hand washed and dried horizontally unfolded on the towel
   - tights and stockings should be hand-washed (you can use your washing machine only if you have special laundry bags) at low temperatures without tumble drying. If you notice some snags or runs on your stockings or tights, purchase the new ones
   - do not use any balsam or oil immediately before you put on your lingerie in order to avoid the formation of hard-to-remove grease stains
   - bear in mind that antiperspirants and perfumes might cause discolouration of some delicate fabrics
   - keep the edges of your fingernails and toenails smooth to prevent your tights and stockings from snagging
   - store your lingerie in the original packaging or a special filing cabinet with a separate compartment for each item

Each product purchased at our shop is covered by the manufacturer's warranty. Please keep in mind that the warranty does not cover mechanical damage or any faults caused by improper maintenance. Take good care of the items you have purchased and store them properly.