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Erotic Lingerie - What's up: Bodystocking!

Erotic Lingerie - What's up: Bodystocking! 03 October 2014

Why bodystocking? How to choose model? We answer these questions!

The term "erotic lingerie" makes each of us imagine a different model, colour and style. As a matter of fact, the choice is so huge that it is not easy to make the right decision! The aim of our new series of articles "Erotic dessous ON THE TAPIS" is to show you the whole array of models and styles, and advise you how to select the type of underwear that best matches your personality and posture.
Let's concentrate on bodystocking today.
The first thing to consider is the right type of yarn. The models come in mesh and lace. The classic mesh models belong to the well-known group of fishnet bodystockings; either the fine net, one-layer outfits like the N109 model or the double-layer Magali. If you prefer another,large loop net outfit, opt for the one-layer N102 model or the double-layer Intenso.
The other type of fabric is beautiful lace yarn, used in traditional floral patterns as well as geometric designs. Here, the choice is incredibly huge! In our opinion, the models including Hassiba, Eudoxia and G306 should deserve special consideration due to their non-standard patterns. Those who can't make up their minnds, should opt for a fantastic F210 model, which is a billiant combination of beautiful floral lace with a classic fine fishnet bodystocking.
The style is another choice criterion. The most important feature of each model is its discreet open crotch... You can also choose between the one-piece bodystocking, which decorates the whole body, and a wide range of top&stockings models, including the most recognizable F207 and G307, which are a fenciful combination of a top and stockings.
The F202 and Abra models are created for the entire body. As for their styles, the body stockings can be divided into the long-sleeved models and those with shoulder straps. The EH527 and Adiva models best represent the long-sleeved body stocking while Almas and F209 are recommended among the shoulder strapped models. Worth special recommendation are N108 with scanty top and unique tie behind the neck, G306 with its outstanding design which emphasizes your cleavage as well as F203 with one shoulder strap.
The third important criterion is the colour! Apart from the classic colours such as black, white, as well as red (which is popular on special occasions like Valentine's Day), now our offer also includes fantastic beige outfits and neon pink products for those who are more adventurous:)
On the other hand, classic black outfits are still believed to be the safest option because they are timeless and incredibly sexy. They look great on every woman,on every occasion. Furthermore, the black items make each figure look much slimmer, so they are the best option for plus size women ;) The white, subtly sexy lingerie, a symbol of innocence, is ideal for young women and perfect for a wedding night, whereas beige outfits, merging with the body and providing a subtle and refined skin decoration, are appropriate for every woman regardless of age!
In order to avoid any unpleasant surprises, we recommend that you consult the size chart! Fortunately, one of the magic properties of bodystocking is that it perfectly fits every figure, regardless of body shape and its proportions.
Thanks to a wide range of Obsessive and Livia Corsetti products, even the PLUS SIZE women can now easily find the most appropriate models for themselves!
Those who opt for something really DARING and ADVENTUROUS are highly recommended the bodystocking wetlook Flame from Lolitta! It is a brilliant combination of deep black and sexy red of wetlook fabric in the form of tiny bows. The outfit is available in two sizes so that every woman could find the item to fit her figure.
Why should you opt for this type of lingerie? That's simple! NOTHING ELSE will make your entire body experience such unique touch sensations! NOTHING ELSE but bodystockings will help you hide all your imperfections at one go and emphasize all benefits of your figure at the same time!
We guarantee that this type of lingerie will make every woman feel incredibly sexy and desired!
We hope we have managed to acquaint you with at least some characteristics of this type of lingerie. Our next article ON THE TAPIS will deal with the open crotch bodystocking.
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