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What likes Santa Lady?

What likes Santa Lady? 17 November 2014

We help with Christmas shopping!

The big countdown to Christmas begin!

And now will suggest you what likes Santa Lady.

The most important thing is, of course, Santa Costume! Lots of models can be found on our website in the costume Santa Costume. Once Your Mrs. Claus will be dressed, make sure the appropriate Accessories!

  1. Sexy shiny tights with open crotch - naturally white as snow!
  2. Nipple Covers Merry with bells - festively decorate the breast...
  3. Garter - white or red! Emphasize sexy shapely thigh!
  4. Hmm, maybe handcuffs? However, if the partner does not deserve a gift?
  5. White lace gloves - will complete the whole
  6. Erotic game for couples - there is nothing better than erotic fun and opening gift ... for adults:)

    We wish you PEACE&CALM during the Christmas shopping! :)